Freshwebjobs Relaunched

New, even fresher design for new cool features

Our job board,, got a complete overhaul. In collaboration with our friends at Fortytwo, we spiced up the look and feel while porting the site to the very popular RoR (Ruby on Rails) platform, parallel to enhancing it's functionality and implementing exciting new features that, we believe, will help job seekers as well as potential employeers.

Saving a job or marking the ones you did apply for, is just as easy, as posting a new one, and paying through the wellknown and secure paypal gateway. Some new cool feautures are in the pipeline which we will roll out in the months to come.

Head over, find a new job, gig or post a new job!

Shopify Themes

Make your Shopify e-shop look nicer!

Shopify Themes

Everybody should know by now what Shopify is. If you don't know it yet hurry up and check it out. You will like it. A lot.

Shopify is a hosted application that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders. Besides all of this important features Shopify offers an incredible easy way to fully customize your shop look&feel, using easy to modify Liquid templates.

Shopify Themes by Extendio will try to provide Shopify users high quality yet affordable themes. There are only 2 themes available for now but we promise to add new ones soon. The process is that easy: purchase and download the theme as .zip file, go to your shopify account and upload the same .zip file. That's it. So simple. Enjoy!